Major projects

These are key areas of work for the partnership, which span a range of areas in the Stour Valley, and include arts, recreation, health and wellbeing.

Ashford Green Corridor

Ashford Green Corridor Logo

The Ashford Green Corridor is a series of linked green spaces running through the centre of Ashford, open to all for recreation and relaxation to get away from the stresses of urban living.

Wildsites on Your Doorstep

Wild Sites Logo

Wild Sites on Your Doorstep is all about exploring and enjoying wild places close to where you live, using photography, art and creative writing to help people discover the fantastic landscapes and special wildlife of the Stour Valley.

Internal Drainage Board

Internal Drainage Board logo

The Stour (Kent) Internal Drainage Board manage watercourses for land drainage, irrigation and flood prevention in the Stour Valley. We have been working with the IDB for over 10 years, helping them to manage their network of watercourses to enhance biodiversity.

Stour Valley Creative Partnership

logo stour valley creativer partnership

Stour Valley Creative Partnerhsip is the lead arts organisation based in King’s Wood, Challock.  Formed in 2015, to engage people with the environment through creative activities, and to secure the legacy of Stour Valley Arts.  SVCP deliver, encourage and support new innovative and creative projects taking place in or motivated by the woods.

Pond work for Great Crested Newts

Natural England logo

KSCP is one of the delivery bodies for Natural England’s District Level Licensing Scheme for Great Crested Newts. We seek to create or restore ponds in specific hotspot areas to help increase the habitat and range for this European Protected Species.