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Sevington Weir removal

Removing, lowering and modifying weirs can have beneficial effects for waterways and their local environments, and these improvements can also help satisfy the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) – European legislation on integrated river basin management which was introduced in 2000. Locally, Sevington Weir has been partially removed. The Ashford Volunteer team […]

Art in the Park

ART IN THE PARK in Watercress Fields., Ashford. Lots of children, with mums and ‘grandmums’, came out to spend a lovely morning looking for wee creatures and exploring the magic of nature in autumn. Then back at the Riverside Centre , each child made their own imaginative autumn picture using some of the things they […]

Westgate Parks Scarecrow Trail

It’s become an annual fixture in the Westgate Parks event calendar – the October Scarecrow Trail! A very popular event since more than 1000 members of the public attended. The Sheriff and Escort were more than happy to head down there for some judging, including this fine effort marking 100 years of the RAF.

Smeeth Primary School new pond!

Ponds are an incredibly important habitat, supporting a range of life from amphibians and reptiles to plants and insects as well as providing valuable watering facilities for small mammals and birds. All of this ‘wild’ life provides a huge range of teaching opportunities for children. This includes  science and life cycles, seasonal changes and opportunities to […]

AquaLab at Kingsmead Field

On Saturday Our Stour, Friends of Kingsmead Field and St Stephens Residents Association joined forces to host an AquaLab session on Kingsmead field, and what a fantastic time we had! We started off down by the river seeing what river creatures we could find. Mayfly nymphs and freshwater shrimps were plentiful and a bullhead fish […]

Opening the Buxford Fish Pass

After many years in the offing – the Buxford Fish Pass was formally opened by the Mayor. It was hard to hear what Mayor Blanford said, due to the splashing of the water, but it was all good! The fish pass, which as it describes, will now allow fish to travel upstream of Buxford Mill […]

World Rivers Day – Litter Pick

To mark World River’s Day, Our Stour and Friends of Singleton Lake joined forces and organised a litter pick of Singleton Lake, Buxford Meadow and woodland, and along the Great Stour River. Numerous cans and plastic bottles were retrieved from the river, as well as part of an old garden fork and a wheel clamp! […]

River Explorers in action

15 children explored the river in Watercress Fields, Ashford by river dipping and then creating their own picture of the river and its surroundings. Fish were found (although most of them swam away) and small creatures like damselfly nymphs and water-boatmen. The river is so often unnoticed, yet it is a wonderful wildlife habitat that […]

Improving access at Boys Hall

Step Construction work at Boys Hall has been carried out by the Ashford volunteer team. This will make for safer and better access to this site. The steps have been installed on what has been ( up to now) a very slippery slope, especially in winter time when wetter conditions prevail. They constitute part of […]

Cleaning up the Great Stour in the heart of Ashford

Our Stour recently joined forces with Natural England to carry out a river clean up in the heart of Ashford. 3 hours were spent in the removal of rubbish from the Great Stour river, focusing on the stretch from Ashford International to North Park. The rubbish mainly consisted of bottles and cans (approx. 250-300) traffic […]