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River Explorers in action

15 children explored the river in Watercress Fields, Ashford by river dipping and then creating their own picture of the river and its surroundings. Fish were found (although most of them swam away) and small creatures like damselfly nymphs and water-boatmen. The river is so often unnoticed, yet it is a wonderful wildlife habitat that […]

Improving access at Boys Hall

Step Construction work at Boys Hall has been carried out by the Ashford volunteer team. This will make for safer and better access to this site. The steps have been installed on what has been ( up to now) a very slippery slope, especially in winter time when wetter conditions prevail. They constitute part of […]

Cleaning up the Great Stour in the heart of Ashford

Our Stour recently joined forces with Natural England to carry out a river clean up in the heart of Ashford. 3 hours were spent in the removal of rubbish from the Great Stour river, focusing on the stretch from Ashford International to North Park. The rubbish mainly consisted of bottles and cans (approx. 250-300) traffic […]

25 year Celebration Event – Godinton House

KSCP celebrated 25 years of operations last week at Godinton House. Around 50 guests attended, on a wonderfully sunny day in beautiful surroundings. Jon Shelton and Diane Comley took people on a guided walk through the estate and across the river where Nick Fysh,- local River Champion winner, passed on his passion for the river. […]

River Dipping at Vauxhall

On Wednesday we headed to Vauxhall Field for some fantastic river dipping in the Stour. Local residents joined Lauren to discover what is living in the river right on their doorstep and found a lovely variety of creatures including mayfly nymphs, small fish, freshwater shrimps and damselfly nymphs. The river level was very high following […]

Creating new berms at Little Burton

A berm , in this context entails the creation of a flat strip of land, raised bank, or terrace bordering water. At the lake at Little Burton , the “A”( Ashford)  team volunteers have been  creating new berms to enhance habitat as part of Tesco Bags of Help Project.  

Bowen’s Field water gets a Spring Clean

The “ A – Team” joined with “KEEP ASHFORD CLEAN TEAM” to clean up Bowens Field Water Park area…. it was a wet and windy day… but we got loads of rubbish…. sadly! An awful lot of drinks cans and crisp bags plus much, much more.  

King’s Wood artworks

King’s Wood staged an exhibition of temporary artworks created by 2nd Year Fine Art students studying at the University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury. The work reflected the diversity of ideas and concepts that students explored, after visiting the woods and spending time there. This is the third year of collaboration between UCA Canterbury and […]

East Kent Sustainable Farming Group successfully launched

East Kent Sustainable farming group ( EKFSG) was launched in March. At the launch event 8th March, the group was introduced to the prime objective of reducing phosphate levels in the River Stour and its tributaries. Looking at this from the perspective of landscape scale farming, the idea put forward is to create a farm […]

New Pond for Great Crested Newts!

Great Crested Newts are a protected UK species which require deep ponds with edge vegetation and no fish. Some areas of Kent have good populations but in order to keep these numbers we need to look after our ponds and create new ponds. KSCP have been involved in making a new pond for newts this […]