Woods to Where Else – workshops, residencies and symposium

Kings Wood walk July 2017 (3)

Stour Valley Creative and lead artist/lecturer Mavernie Cunningham would like to work with approx. 10 artists from the Ashford area. Artists will spend time in Kings Wood, exploring and engaging with the site, and the ideas outlined in our Woods to Where Else concept. There will be workshops with the lead artist and participant will be offered a short residency in the Forest Studio located on the edge of the woods.

This is essentially a research and development project, which will not focus on the production of artefacts but the artist’s own creative processes, experiences and responses to the concept and environment. Artists will share their findings, experience and work at the Woods to Where Else Symposium held at the end of the project.

We are particularly interested in working with emerging artists and supporting contemporary arts in the communities and countryside around Kings Wood; an area developing rapidly but generally lacking in ‘arts’ venues and arts audiences.


King’s Wood has always been a working wood, a cultured landscape marking an interface of natural resource and human activity.

This economic and ecological dance of nature and industry that creates a distinct ‘time’ for the woods, one that defines its territory as constantly shifting and changing, a poetics of visible and invisible forces that continually reshape it.

Download Concept and Details: Woods to Where Else

If you are interested in taking part: Please submit initial ideas (max 250 words) with CV and examples of your work (or links to examples).

Application deadline – September 29th 2017

Timescale: Workshops – October/November 2017 // Symposium – November/December 2017 // Publication – 2018

Email: kentishstour@kent.gov.uk

Equinox poster

Music and Art Performance in Kings Wood

Equinox: A dialogue with nature

Friday 22nd September 18:00 to 19:30 

(23rd September if it rains on 22nd!)

Just a 10 minute walk from the main car park – you are invited to join musician/artists Jane Bravery, Sam Bailey, Mavernie Cunningham and Will Glanfield and enter into direct dialogue with Kings Wood through music and art on this special Equinox Evening.

PDF of poster

King’s Wood Interventions –  a feast for the eyes and ears, and food for thought!

The second successful year of collaboration with University for the Creative Arts at Canterbury and University of Kent School of Fine Arts.

A series of interventions created by UCA Fine Art students were launched on Saturday July 8th. Many will remain in situ over the summer.

Visitors enjoyed a wonderful sunny evening walking through King’s Wood, taking in the many different and distinct installations and performances. There was a welcome break half-way at the Forest Studio where three more artists works were shown. Most of the students were on hand to talk about their work and answer questions from the audience. The evening ended with an incredibly magical and atmospheric musical piece as the sun went down in the sky.

Students have benefitted from professional development but also from spending time in the woods, and in the Forest Studio. Access that has allowed them to explore, develop and for many to realise their work in this rich environment and public space.

Artist Residencies at Kings Wood Forest Studio

Madeline Jones

“During my weekend residency at Kings Wood I embarked on a series of work as a response to the liminal nature of the forest environment. …
Previously the notions of movement, perception and ephemerality  had only been explored with internal installations….Kings Wood has been a fantastic opportunity to further develop my ideas that arose from my engagement with the landscape”.

Ruth Rollason

The Kings Wood residency gave me the opportunity, time and space to work with new ideas and materials. The unfamiliar exploration of a unique space will assist in ferrying my ideas forward to my MA final project at UCA Canterbury.

Getting involvedUniversity students at work in Kings Wood 2016

Last year we celebrated the first installation of student work. Students studying at the University for the Creative Arts and University of Kent School of Fine Art and Music programmes visited the woods and created pieces that responded to what they saw, heard, felt and experienced on their visits.  Some of their work included sculptures which were displayed in the large glade close to the car park over the summer.

2017 will see new work being created by students… we will keep you posted on installations over the next few months.IMGP2137IMGP2140IMGP2135