Stream of Consciousness

Exploring local rivers through film making

vid cam with river

Stream of Consciousness is a new and innovative community project. Our idea is to enable young people to work alongside professional filmmakers on making short films with rivers as their theme.

Why rivers? There are stories to be told about these waterways – whether it’s raising awareness of pollution issues, investigating what the land around them was like 100 years ago, or just exploring what they mean to us. The films people make could be documentary style or have a more creative feel.

The project will work with local schools, colleges, youth groups and will also involve elderly people and their stories. People taking part will work on film making projects – developing scripts, shooting and editing. They will learn a range of skills through a series of workshops and develop their idea with the help of activity leaders.

All finished films will go onto our YouTube channel and be part of a screening event at the end of the project.

Stream of Consciousness is aimed at young people of secondary school and higher education age and elderly people. If you are a teacher, tutor or belong to a community group for older people, please get in touch to take part or find out more. Contact Will, the Project Co-ordinator: